Maris Lindos in Rhodes


MARIS LINDOS SUITES & APARTMENTS follows the Greek Government’s Health Regulations related to Covid-19, by constantly improving the already high standards of cleaning and safety; thus ensuring a carefree stay for our guests.

Staff Hygiene and Health

At MARIS LINDOS SUITES & APARTMENTS we follow and deploy our hygiene guidelines in line with the current instructions issued by the National Public Health Organization (NPHO)

· All our staff is trained on virus contracting preventive procedures

· Personal hygiene procedures are practiced more frequently and additional disinfectant agents are used

· We train our staff to be able to recognize and manage Covid-19 cases

· We utilize personal protective equipment and hand sanitizers at all times of our hotel’s operation



· Before every arrival, the rooms are cleaned and disinfected

· The rooms are well ventilated and all surfaces are disinfected with a sprayer and certified materials

· Careful cleaning and disinfection of contact points is carried out in detail

· All non-basic items, such as magazines and brochures are discarded

· Disinfectant gel is available for guests in the public area

· Staff uses personal protection equipment while cleaning or maintaining the rooms, to avoid any contact with the room contents

· Used room items will be placed in a separate bag and washed at 70-90 degrees Celsius


Medical Care

· A medical kit is available at the housekeeper’s office with sanitizing wipes, masks, gloves, protective apron, gown and thermometer.